1. Come Dance With Me (Parts 1 & 2)
    Josh Milan

  2. Shapes and Colors Vol. 2 [12" VINYL]
    Josh Milan

  3. Shapes and Colors Vol. 1 [12" VINYL]
    Josh Milan

  4. Disco at City Park (Superstar)
    Josh Milan

  5. Girl You Need A Change Of Mind

  6. More Than Anything
    Dannis Winston

  7. Change
    Josh Milan

  8. Anywhere You Are
    Kia Stewart

  9. Trust
    Joseff McKenneth

  10. It's Love (Frankie Feliciano Remixes)
    Josh Milan

  11. Epiphany LP
    Janine Lyons

  12. For Me LP
    Dawn Tallman

  13. Ay Dios Mio EP
    Ritmo Y Tumbao

  14. Shapes, Color and Magic EP
    Josh Milan

  15. Forbidden Song
    Janine Lyons

  16. Anger
    Josh Milan

  17. Music is Love
    Josh Milan

  18. Celebrate Myself b/w I Am Not Afraid Remixes
    Dawn Tallman

  19. 6.9.69 (Double Digital LP)
    Josh Milan

  20. 6.9.69 (CD only - no digital download)
    Josh Milan

  21. Elation EP
    Kia Stewart

  22. I Need To Dance
    Janine Lyons

  23. I'll Write A Song For You b/w Magic Carpet Ride

  24. Love Trumps Hate
    DJ Kemit Presents: The Lounge Lizards feat. Mike City

  25. I Will Wait
    Josh Milan

  26. Winner
    Kia Stewart

  27. Together EP
    DJ Kemit

  28. I'm The Best

  29. Confession
    DJ Kemit feat. Josh Milan

  30. For Me (Extended Versions)
    Dawn Tallman

  31. I Am Better (Honeycomb Remixes)
    Sandra St. Victor

  32. He Still Loves Me
    Kia Stewart

  33. For Me [Maxi-Single]
    Dawn Tallman

  34. Every Word (Honeycomb Mixes)
    Temika Moore

  35. Metamorphosis EP
    Dawn Williams

  36. Honeycomb Music Presents: Black History Music
    Various Artists

  37. Surrounded (Honeycomb Mixes)
    The Wayouts

  38. What Your Love Has Done
    The Brenda JonesGirl Experience

  39. For Kim EP
    Tracy Brathwaite

  40. Smile (Unreleased Mixes)
    Tracy Brathwaite

  41. Good Ol Love

  42. Smile
    Tracy Brathwaite

  43. Happy
    Raw Honey

  44. Sheree Hicks EP
    Sheree Hicks

  45. Your Body [Unreleased Collection]
    Josh Milan

  46. Honeycomb Christmas
    Josh Milan

  47. Blown Away


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